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IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is the premier medium for human contact on the internet and XNET is the premier provider of IRC. Make this your home for information on IRC, the "choice for chat." We strive to keep this website "content driven" for easy access without the glitz. Check our Website Updates for latest changes. We're an international network for your personal communications. Whether you're a seasoned user of IRC or you've never tried IRC, XNET is the place to be. Want to share your IRC thoughts? Then visit our Bulletin Board.

Whether you're looking for current IRC servers or a review of IRC client software, it's all here. If you're new to IRC, our NEW User Help Page can get you started. Don't see what you want? Try our search engine at bottom of page. If you'd like more info, just send an e-mail to our webmaster. We're an informal group and we'll do our best to ensure a personal reply.

If your computer is already set up for IRC, the command "/server irc.xnet.org" from your IRC Client will log you in to one of our IRC servers. Join #xnet for general chat and #xnet-help for help or assistance. #beginner is very popular for beginners and experienced IRC users. And.... for current events, don't miss #news.

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